Why Does Attic Mold Keep Coming Back? 


Mold in the attic is a common problem that many homeowners face. Even after professional remediation, the mold can return, causing frustration and potential health risks. As a home inspector, it’s crucial to understand the root causes of mold growth to prevent its recurrence. The Persistent Problem of Attic Mold Mold thrives in environments with […]

Understanding Ozone Treatment

Ozone treatment

To grasp the concept of ozone treatment, it’s essential to first define ozone, represented by O3, an unstable molecule that exhibits a unique property—upon contact with any other molecule, it initiates a process of oxidation, ultimately leading to its destruction. Ozone treatment involves utilizing ozone to eliminate undesirable odors within various spaces, be it a […]

Do I have mold on my windows?

Mold on a window

Yes, mold can indeed grow on windows, specifically not on the glass itself but on the dust and debris that may accumulate on the glass surface. During the winter months, typical condensation provides the necessary moisture for mold spores to thrive on the organic material, which in this case, is dust and debris. But hold […]

Stucco Ceilings of the 1970s: Asbestos Testing and Safe Removal

Stucco Ceiling

During the 1970s, stucco ceilings, also known as popcorn ceilings or acoustic ceilings, gained popularity in both homes and commercial spaces. This textured ceiling finish not only provided a stylish aesthetic but also offered acoustic benefits by reducing noise levels. However, what was once a fashionable design choice has now become a potential health concern. […]

What to Do with Your Cold Room?

Stored items in cold room Medium

Cold rooms serve as modern cellars designed to be underground, providing a cool environment for storing preserves and other food items. Typically located below a porch, these spaces are technically underground and lack insulation but feature ventilation for air exchange. Over the years, the construction of cold rooms has evolved, yet many still exist in […]

Do you have to update your home insulation? 

Insulation Top Up

Here are a few questions to ask before adding insulation: The sole purpose of insulation in any house, especially in Canada, is to regulate the flow of heat in a home. In the winter, if a house is properly insulated, it will retain warmth and keep the energy bills low. In the summer, it will […]